Core Team

Being a boutique advisory and consulting firm, we focus on building value through a mix of close client cooperation and experienced delivery. The team has in depth background in investment banking, capital markets, insurance, management consulting, commercial banking apart from industry specialisations in Halal, technology, power and energy, food and nutrition, financial services, commodities, core Infrastructure and media/communication sectors with broad global exposure.


Provide technical services on approaching private investors, finance companies or banks in securing investments that meet the objective of the company. In simple terms, we make you capital market worthy. In any case, we also handhold the companies in their capital raising process by developing a relevant strategy cohesive to the management thoughts.

What we offer
  • Business Plan Development.
  • Business Plan Evaluation & Financial Analysis.
  • Financial Performance Forecasting.
  • Company Risk Rating. (View sample report)
  • Private Placement Advisory.
  • Development of Information Memorandum.
  • Information Memorandum Evaluations.
  • Company Valuations (View a sample report)
  • Private Placement Advisory.


We extend professional advice on how a company can improve its economic prosperity by employing intelligent tools to enhance its revenue-generating ability, cost and capital management, enabling a company to be more efficient, focused and objective oriented in its operations.

Revenue Analysis

Advice on how the company can improve its top line analyzing the price, demand relationship of the products and compare with the competitors to identify the optimum selling price that will boost demand. We will also look at position strategies to focus on efforts to improve income.

What we offer
  • Product Pricing Strategy
  • Product positioning strategy
  • Micro Environment Analysis.
  • Competitor analysis
  • Growth Strategy
Cost Analysis

Here we will analyze the cost structure of the company (Direct cost, Indirect cost) to suggest a mechanism to reduce the cost of the operation while maintaining the expected quality, value of the product.

What we offer
  • Product Profitability Analysis.
  • Activity-Based Costing.
  • Activity-Based Management
Working Capital Management

Investigate how the company is managing its working capital and suggest improvements to increase the solvency so that the company can meet incremental demand enhancing the top line of the company.

The focus will be on advising on receivables management, payables management, and Inventory management.

What we offer
  • Cash flow analysis and management
Management Reporting

We assist our clients in developing suitable financial & business performance reporting frameworks to help the business make better strategic decisions to facilitate achievement corporate objective. (View a sample dashboard)


Understanding the ground situation of the company, advice on how the resources of the company can be managed to improve the value to the consumer as well as the top line of the company.

What we offer
  • What-If analysis and planning
  • Liquidity stress testing


“This was my first time dealing in the working capital planning and I was very sceptical from early on. I Capital Partners team was selected from a few Financial Services that I interviewed based on the best fit for my organization, so I entrusted them with my organization. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them to any market trying to find their exit strategy. We developed what I hope are some lasting personal relations with ICP team and they worked as hard as my team did. They all had different roles to play in the process and they executed as they said they would and gave me the confidence to stay the course. Their experience in arranging the financials, Advising on cash flow system, Assisting on capital Requirement for my organization allowed me to walk away wealthier than I could have ever imagined. I’m more than happy with their results.”

Trans Global Holdings


I am absolutely delighted with your service. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me was the way you took the time to get a feeling for where I was at, your depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and your common sense approach. Your professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect and I gladly recommend your services whenever possible.

  • We facilitated working capital planning and fulfilment advised on capital requirement.
  • Arranging financials
  • Opened an bank account to manage the funds
  • Managing my business account
  • Monthly profits for investors were advised how to manage
  • Assisting on material Purchase
  • Advice regarding the company Insurance
ZamZam Products


Dealing with I Capital Partners in the working capital planning service is really good. Bridging facility on Distress facility.

ICP advised me to restore the conventional facility and gave proper solution, and also they manage to secure my facility from a bank on better terms which helped us on the business working capital.

SAM & Company

Global solutions

M&A Advisory


Financial Restructuring


Debt Capital Market


Market entry strategy




Our credo is to bring alive living and work spaces by the use of design, technology and processes. We work with property owners as advisors and execution partners to unlock the potential of their real estate assets via a simple, transparent and integrated approach saving you time, effort and money.

We provide services in property improvements and development, travel booking management, housekeeping, maintenance, tenancy management, finance management and reporting, agreements and legal advice, property valuations, health and safety checks and in other supplementary areas including pantry services.

Service Apartments

We undertake complete management of your apartment complex including revenue, maintenance, housekeeping and accounts. You can tap into our sales capability that spans across OTAs, Social Media coverage, travel partners and more that ensures your occupancy remains at higher levels.

Rest assured that we will manage all income and expenses of the property including taxes and fees that will be made available to you in the form of management accounts and reports, transparently.


Sri Lanka is a hot spot for tourists looking for home-stays. We provide comprehensive advisory, management and property development/ improvement services from onboarding villas to refurbishment and sales.

Our team will study the property and unlock its income potential by bringing in the right expertise and skills to enlist your property on booking engines and with travel partners. Our in-house sales team will manage all bookings whilst our service team will ensure the up-keep of your prized asset.

Office Spaces

Our proposition is unique in the sense that it offers a simple yet comprehensive solution for property owners who want to maximize the income from their rental properties.

We undertake multi-storied office spaces for management and offer tenants value added services that make our property attractive to rent. Our team understands office spaces and out skilled in facilities management of large buildings and can maintain the health and safety of the building and those within. All you have to do is enjoy your freed time for life’s other priorities.


BA is a analytical health check of an ongoing business, ideally in real-time. It is a descriptive analytics monitoring of Key Performance Indicators of your business. Using powerful tools with in the industry with AI, comes a Real-time dashboards, periodic visual reports that can show you the health of your business. We analyse the most critical factors and develop a dash-board to visually monitor online and in real-time.

Post credit active risk review
This is the most important service we offer to Banks and Financial services companies where we assist the risk departments on a quarterly basis on on their credit portfolio by health checking the portfolio companies so the banks/ Finance companies do active risk management.
Business Process Re-engineering
Core Business process that is both efficient and effective is the ultimate goal. We analyse the current process and re-engineer to suite your business while mitigating risk, both in process and security.
Digital Transformation
Migration from manual system or flat file system is a time intensive process, which required careful planning, feasibility study, Implementation process. With our experience we make it seamless.


  • Business Analysis
  • Management Reporting Dashboards
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Property/Facility Management
  • Shariah Compliance reporting
  • Post Credit borrower risk analysis & profiling
  • Property/Facility Management
  • Comprehensive transaction services
  • Management reporting
  • Vendor Management
  • Cash flow Management
  • HR & Payroll
  • Internal Audit & Compliance
  • Tax Administration
  • Setting up business processes
  • Comprehensive transaction management
  • Management reporting
  • Cash flow Management
  • Vendor Management
  • HR & Payroll
  • Internal Audit & Compliance
  • Tax Admin

CSE White Listed Stocks

The “Sri Lanka White List” is compiled by I Capital Partners (ICP) targeting the investor seeking listed stock that’s are ethical and void of interest. The list is prepared according to AAOIFI standards.

Our purpose in doing this is to not only provide conscious investors an easy means of identifying compliant stocks but to also perhaps track and create an understanding on the fundamentals that support its creation.

The list you will find has been vetted by experts in the field and backed by international standards that review and advise on the listing and management of the "White List".


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